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Coffee for the connoisseur.
100% single-origin arabica beans.
We roast the world’s best coffee beans.

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About Us

We are extremely proud of our coffee, suppliers, roasters, farmers and our heritage. After years of hard work, research, dedication and perseverance, we now have the winning formula which combines the world’s best coffee beans, the best British coffee roasting techniques and the history of Liverpool in one journey from seed to cup.

We look forward to sharing our very special coffee with you.

Find out about our story and more about Liverpool Coffee…

Creating the extraordinary coffee flavour


Here at Liverpool Coffee, we love to explore amazing flavours from the world’s greatest coffee growing regions. We source our coffee from countries such as Colombia, Uganda, Indonesia, Mexico, Brazil and El Salvador.

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Taste is paramount to drinking coffee. However, this does come down to personal preference. Here at Liverpool coffee, we aim to provide you with the flavours and tastes that you so desire.

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How do you like yours? Some people prefer a dark roast some a lighter roast. Coffee is like cooking a great steak (or lettuce). Well done, medium or rare. It depends on your taste to how you might like your coffee.

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