Liverpool Coffee is a family-run company. Our coffee is locally roasted in our City Centre (L1) and signifies the passion and character of our huge heritage.

Our mothers grew up in Bootle in a two-up two-down. In a house full of 12 children. The family has grown massively in size and some are living around the world. The whole family is passionate about Liverpool and the wider community. Therefore, we wanted Liverpool Coffee to embrace our love for Liverpool.

We are extremely proud of our coffee, suppliers, roasters, farmers and our heritage. After years of hard work, research, dedication and perseverance, we now have the winning formula which combines the world’s best coffee beans, the best British coffee roasting techniques and the history of Liverpool in one journey from seed to cup.

We look forward to sharing our very special coffee with you.


Here at Liverpool Coffee, we love to explore amazing flavours from the world’s greatest coffee growing regions. We source our coffee from countries such as Colombia, Uganda, Indonesia, Mexico, Brazil and El Salvador.

All our beans are 100% single-origin Arabica beans. Arabica has the best flavour due to a distinct set of characteristics when grown in one location as compared to another. Our 100% single origin Arabica beans have a sweet, softer taste, with tones of sugar, fruit, and berries which create a distinct flavour profile, unique to the region and are of the highest SCA (Speciality Coffee Association) rating 1 – 100. Above 70 is regarded globally as top quality. We only sell over 80 points. 80 SCA points are guaranteed to come from ethical sources, where human rights and the environment are respected. The farmers and workers get the best business deal.

All our beans are European prepped, which indicates a quality difference and a lower permissible number of defects. American ‘prep’ usually contains a larger number of defects. The size of the bean determines the flavours, processors use screens to sort the beans by size. Screens are numbered 8 through 20. Anything above 16 is guaranteed quality and our beans are all 17 and above.


Taste is paramount to drinking coffee. However, this does come down to personal preference. Here at Liverpool coffee, we aim to provide you with the flavours and tastes that you so desire. Our signature single-origin bean has been carefully selected from Colombia as this region grows and sells world- class coffee beans.

Why not try our speciality selection and make a choice from there. Our beans are packed with beautiful flavours loaded with cocoas, walnuts, almond, dried apples, sage, peanuts and fruity flavours as well. The flavours are determined by the ground from which the beans are grown, the flavours come from the surrounding crops which share that particular plantation. We promise you the best from around the globe.


How do you like yours? Some people prefer a dark roast some a lighter roast. Coffee is like cooking a great steak (or lettuce) Well done – medium or rare. It depends on your taste to how you might like your coffee. Some people like a strong and darker roast to kick-start the day and others like a mellow and medium roast for all-day drinking.

All our beans are expertly roasted on the Lamborghini of roasting machines in the heart of the city. Nothing but the best for Liverpool Coffee drinkers.